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For when it matters the most.

At KN PharmaChain Airfreight, we care about the safe and efficient transport of your pharmaceutical and health care products. For us is not about shipments, it is about the well-being of your patients and end customers.

We know that you need a logistical partner who you can trust to handle the specific prerequisites on quality, end-to-end visibility and regulatory compliance required by sensitive products.

That is why our specialised, global network of more than 90 IATA CEIV Pharma certified operations and our pharma-trained specialists stand by you to deliver your products to their final destination in perfect condition.

KN PharmaChain Airfreight is a dedicated and experienced team of experts who manage your shipments through capable and global airfreight solutions, particularly adapted to temperature-sensitive products.

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Your benefits

Superior quality and compliance

To ensure superior performance, our KN PharmaChain network is fully CEIV Pharma certified and audited, not only by IATA accredited auditors, but by our own team of over 80 pharma auditors. Every KN PharmaChain trade lane is assessed, mitigated and the risks minimized using our industry leading web-based risk assessment tool, KN Risk. 

All relevant documentation such as SOPs and Working Instructions are version controlled with an audit trail in our validated Document Management System.

Greater peace of mind

When you choose our dedicated services, you will work with a partner who understands your business and challenges. You will benefit from our digital solutions by getting near real time visibility end-to-end. If needed and on request our global 24/7/365 CareTeam is there to monitor the location, temperature and physical condition of your critical shipments. If a reading falls outside a predefined range, the CareTeam will proactively execute predefined escalation and contingency measures.

KN PharmaChain - Your benefits
KN PharmaChain at your service

KN PharmaChain at your service

Our expertise to meet your product specific requirements

All our facilities comply with the highest industry standards to ensure faultless transportation of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical and health care products. 

Whether we transport, Xdock, Consolidate or stow  biopharma products or medical equipment, we rely on a global network of over 200 KN PharmaChain GxP certified operations and more than 90 strategically located airfreight GxP compliant locations.  

We continuously invest in technology, aimed at minimizing risks along the supply chain.

Our dedicated professionals follow a thorough pharma training program to ensure that they are updated and aligned with industry-specific needs.

Adding Value

The KN PharmaChain for Airfreight logistics solution builds on close collaboration with our customers and delivers a configurable service offering, superior compliance
and great reliability.

Carrier & risk management

Our team of pharma specialists is constantly working to select the right air carrier to deliver your products at the right service and cost. Our risk management tool,
KN Risk, allows you to assess risks for every lane and decide, together with us, to what level the risks should be mitigated.  The result is a lane specific risk assessment,
tailored your specific needs.

Real time visibility & quality

The physical movement of all shipments is overseen via the Cargo iQ Process. For even higher visibility we can offer increased real time monitoring in transit
and the possibility for intervention if required.

IoT sensors enable the tracking of temperature, humidity, location, light and shock. When using IoT sensors, configurable alerts allow immediate response to
any deviation to prevent any adverse effect on the product.

Proactive monitoring

Our teams of highly skilled and fully GDP trained professionals are at your service 24/7/365. In addition to the lane and customers specific SOPs, they use their
expertise and experience to monitor and deliver consignments according to your requirements. In case of any unforeseen situation, they take actions to maintain
the integrity of your shipment and mitigate any upcoming risks.


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A trusted industry partner

“The global KN PharmaChain Airfreight team strives to provide a customised solution for each shipment. We serve our customers and their patients by delivering the right solution every time. Because we care.”

Reinier Danckaarts, Head Product Development Air Logistics

Trusted industry partner - Reinier Danckaarts
KN Login and myKN 360 degree visibility

360° visibility. Active control

myKN is your central point of information that gives you access to KN Login, our track and trace system which will allow you to keep track of your products. That is how we make complexity simple.

  • Planned/actual real-time shipment status
  • Customised reports
  • Shipping advice to customers by email
  • KPI reporting
  • Storage, upload and download of POD hardcopies and temperature records
  • Active EDI interfaces with our customers

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KN PharmaChain

We offer our integrated and customisable KN PharmaChain to increase risk mitigation, decrease write-off,
and in the end, deliver a safe and positive end customer experience.

Because that is what matters the most.