Your Challenge

You have shipments that need a full truck due to their size. These shipments need to go somewhere in South-East Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam), China or New Zealand.

Our Solution for You

We work with local trucking companies in Asia. We check all of them regarding insurance, background checks of drivers, accidents, etc. Since we are an important partner of these companies, they give us competitive rates, which we will pass on to you. Being an asset-light broker enables us to not have to worry about the utilization of a certain truck, and we can focus exclusively on your freight. We are always there for you in case you should need us.

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Value-Added Services

  • Pre-advice service so the consignee can schedule availability for delivery
  • Delivery on a fixed day and / or at a specific time
  • Real-time status with trailer telematics
  • Customs clearance
  • Additional insurance with KN Sure
  • Customer-specific performance reporting via KN Login
  • ePOD hardcopy

Visibility and monitoring with KN Login

  • Pick up and delivery shipment status
  • Electronic copies of critical shipment documentation
  • Customised reports (optional)

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