How to avoid transshipment risks

February 2020

In today’s fast paced world, customers’ expectations on receiving products and services are higher as we want it all instantly. There is pressure for products to be shipped as fast as possible, but the transshipment of containers creates an additional variable to the shipping process - introducing additional elements of risk and thereby making a simple task much more complex.

We want to help simplify your shipping schedule. This article will identify some of the potential risks of using transshipment hubs and how you can mitigate these risks.

Here are three potential risks of using transshipment hubs:

1.    Delays

If the pre-carrier arrives late to the transshipment hub, there is a risk that the container cannot be transferred to the on-carrier in time. This will result in a so-called roll-over where the carrier will plan to have the container loaded on a later on-carrier which is likely to result in a delayed arrival at destination

2.    Damages

Transshipment requires additional offloading, storage and loading. This physical handling increases the risk of damage to the container or the goods.

3.    Increased in-transit inventory costs

The transshipment handling typically increases lead time and therefore translates into a higher cost related to in-transit inventory.

When your shipments enter a transshipment hub, they are vulnerable to delays from multiple sources. These delays can also lead to higher costs and potential damage.

We can help ensure that your shipments receive the care they deserve, and arrive at their destination with minimal delay. Therefore, we developed eShipAsia to help you overcome these challenges.


1.    Find direct services within 30 seconds

In eShipAsia, you simply select the origin, destination and the amount of containers you would like to ship.

Our platform will immediately show the available carrier options, rates and sailing schedules, allowing you to instantly perform ocean freight and schedule comparisons across various shipping lines in real time.

You can fine-tune your search with our advanced filter features to find the perfect departure date, transit time and price and build a fully customized ocean freight quotation.

Our platform allows you to fine-tune your search based on the following criteria:

•             Transit time

•             Container Yard (CY) Closing Date

•             Estimated Time of Departure (ETD)

•             Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) and

•             Direct / Indirect Service Type

This feature will allow you to completely exclude services that are based on transshipment from your search results or indicate your preferred port of transshipment.


2.    Track your shipment online

Upon departure, it is important to stay informed about your shipment to make sure transshipment and the arrival dates materialize as planned.

Shipment information is directly available through our online track and trace system – anytime and anywhere.

Conveniently track your shipments, view their details and stay updated from pick-up to delivery.

Depending on your preference, you can easily set up push notifications or share your shipment information with customers or colleagues via e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp, WeChat and many other channels. 


3.     Receive 24/7 support from our team of experts

Our dedicated service team continuously tracks the progress of your shipment against critical milestones. Potential disruptions to your supply chain will be proactively identified and resolved so you can focus on what is really important to you customers.



Try eShipAsia today.

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